How to choose suitable curtains?

Do you often take it lightly when decorating? Just choose one at random. There is nothing special. What is really worth buying is the eye-catching finishing touch, and the original design is the core. It allows us to free beautiful texture and hanging feeling of the picture, adding to the garden A unique touch of color and overall tone.

So what are the possibilities? Let’s take a look!

1.Types of curtains

①Korean folds

Korean folds are a new way of pleating. The folds are fixed and processed. This method is simple to wear and easy to remove and wash. However, to make Korean-style pleats, you need to calculate the difference between the length of the fabric and the length of the rod, and fix the pleats according to the number of hooks. This is troublesome for the processor, but it is easier for consumers to use.


The perforated method of the Roman pole track. This kind of no hook is to make the perforated circle in the cloth and directly pass through the Roman track. It is suitable for the rod without a ring, relatively speaking, it is more silencing and beautiful. The folds are large, and the finished curtains are more atmospheric, but the whole Roman rod needs to be removed for disassembly and washing.

③Four-claw hook type

The four-claw hook type is the veteran of the curtain industry, and it is durable. Sew a cloth tape on the upper end of the curtain, and then use a four-claw hook to wear it, but it is relatively troublesome to thread the hook. The effect of the pleats needs to be worn by yourself, which is relatively cumbersome.

④ Cloth hanging rod

The cloth belt type can be divided into invisible cloth belt and bright cloth belt type, and the cloth belt is directly tied into a bow. The cloth belt type saves the cost of accessories such as hooks and iron rings, and is unique, but it is not enough to open and close. It is not smooth enough, and it is not recommended from the perspective of long-term use.

⑤Other fancy folds

Pleated curtains are widely used, they have beautiful texture and smooth drape, and all kinds of fancy folds add a lot to the curtains.

2.How to choose

(1) Determine the fold multiple according to the size of the window

The size of the window is also critical to the selection of the fold multiple. The window is relatively small, and the fabric itself is less. After being closed, it is small and looks unsightly. Generally, the living room has large windows, and the folds can be smaller.

(2) Determine the fold multiples according to the height of the window

The height of the window also has an effect on the fold ratio. Generally, the higher the window, the better the fold ratio should be, and the shorter the window, the fold ratio can be appropriately reduced.

(3) Determine the fold multiples according to the style

The more complex and heavier the style is, the greater the fold multiple should be, and the simpler the style, the lighter the fold multiple. For more complex styles such as European style, Damei, French style, and neoclassical style, the fold ratio is recommended to be larger, and it is recommended to choose between 2-3 times.

For styles such as small beauty and light luxury, it is recommended to choose between 1.8-2.3 times. For modern, Nordic and other concise styles, it is recommended to choose between 1.6-2.3 times the fold ratio.

(4) Determine the fold multiple according to the budget

①Luxury type:

The curtain fold ratio is 3-4 times. This luxurious method is suitable for large floor-to-ceiling windows more than 3 meters high. It has a strong sense of folds and is scattered in layers. It is suitable for larger rooms, villas, large public places, etc. The biggest disadvantage The cost is higher.


The fold ratio of curtains is 1.5 times, and the cost is low, but the fabric is basically flat, without folds and three-dimensional feeling, and the visual effect is poor. It is suitable for temporary or transitional home use.

③Universal type

The curtain fold ratio is 2-2.5 times, the folds are uniform, the level is obvious, the three-dimensional effect is better, and the cost is moderate. It is currently the most common application.

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